Organic portals

Organic portals are malignant people. They only look human. According to 3D perception they are often the product of the wishes of many – looks, status, and life orientation.

A malignant person with herself – around herself wears a malignant Field. It is the product of the predatory implant. Its reach has no limits, although it is stronger in physical presence.

The Field has an absolute intelligence and the person carrying it is just a carrier. Such a Field causes paranormal occurrences in the physical area it contains.

The appearance of a person, who has no idea that she or he is the carrier of the Field let alone the portal for non-terrestrial intelligence, interferes with her mere presence in a paranormal way those who the Field has chosen.

Organic portal can provoke reactions in a person that resemble temporary insanity and other unexplained reactions. The Organic portal can cause all this with its physical presence, mental focus, or even contact of its energy body with another person.

All this, outlined briefly, is so complicated in the 3D perspective and the understanding of it is not possible from the 3D brain no matter how educated you are. When a person enters the Method One process of genetic modification, it can recognize that it is often the closest relative – father, mother – who is an organic portal.

It is a form of coping with the truth that is the invisible reality all around us. The Organic portal is activated by a foreign gene that is in him/her, and enhanced by implants.

Such a person is absolutely unaware of this impact, and even that he or she is aware of it, which is today ready to accept and admit to oneself let alone to others that in his/hers presence strange things happen to people?  These words are a wonder in the world.

This was known by Native Americans and that’s why they were exterminated. In religious terms this is the Satan in man.

No world religion does the deimplantation of man, they do not mention it, let alone do genetic modification. Only the Swastika process of Method One and the Sphere of Atlantis melt and mill the implants and ship them to the area of antimatter.

This is Deimplantation and Exorcism in the way of Method One. After that the genetic change is possible.



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