Experiencing wakefulness inside the system

Written By:  TheWombOfWisdom

It does not feel too long ago since I first heard the clarity of my inner voice. That voice which came from deep within once had asked me, as a child, “Who I am”, and after a deep profound pause, “Why am I here”. At that tender age, it just came off as a deep astonishment of hearing something that came from within and not from the outside world.

It took me another fifteen years or so to hear that voice once again, only this time it asked, “Where I am and what am I doing?” I felt deeply astonished once again, along with an unforgiving push that I had to do something about it. I have to hear this inner calling and do what it asks me to do. Like a truly clear, pure of its intentions, an instruction book so to speak, of where I am supposed to go and what am I supposed to do. It came as an inner knowing that following this inner voice of heart, yes, the voice of my heart, would never let me down. And so here I’m speaking that voice out once again two years after my awakening.

Awakened people, especially those who can be seen patronizing the New Age movement all over the globe, announcing themselves as lightworkers –  are often found against the idea of stepping inside the system to spread light. Instead, what I have observed is that, they turn themselves “against” the mainstream world so much so that they live their lives in their little clusters wishing each other “Love & Light”. I might sound like a harsh critique here, but really, wishing each other P.L.U.R and turning against the system is not going to change things in the real world.

If you’re awakened and working inside the “system”, you’re actually contributing to the global change in the most microscopic ways that were never thought of before. Is there really a need to leave the system, take a sage and then rant about – how corrupt the governments are, how badly hit the economies are, how sleepy the sheeple is, the ranting never seems to stop!

Well, how about getting your hands dirty to clean your own shit? Leaving the system in search of inner peace and salvation, sadly remains nothing more than a convenient escapism. Freedom does not lie in running away from your prisons, one needs to face the prisons, live inside it and demolish the walls of their prisons brick-by-brick everyday to allow true freedom to hail.

Staying awake in the matrix needs to be attained. It needs telling yourself consistently, to embrace the changes happening around you, and yet not judge them into what’s good and bad. It needs remembering, and not just remembering but also truly understanding that everything, literally everything comes from the same Source. No complaining; no judging is allowed! Do not separate yourself from the system, all notions of separation are illusions. It needs you to fully agree that everything is one, really, from sheeple to the shamans, from innocents to their corrupt governments, from the beggars to the millionaires, from the Hollywood to the Holistic Healers – We all are ONE and we keep saying it, almost mercilessly while we continue to judge everyone on the surface level. Unconsciously, we judge and separate ourselves from whatever is.

Being awakened inside the system tests your ability to “accept” things as they are. It teaches you to wear your ego but cease to use it, thus forcing you to truly, not just theoretically, but in practice, believe that “All is, indeed, one”. It strives to prove that the flow of life is always perfect and it teaches that lesson through uncertainty, until we fully give in the flow. It needs shedding every layer one by one, uncovering every mask you have ever put on. It is almost dangerous to be awakened inside a matrix because you have to get rid of all false facades to shed layers. It needs mastering what you spiritually quote on your facebook status updates – out from your computer screens and into your “real” life, so to speak.

Experiencing wakefulness inside a system means practicing oneness – no more preaching and debating!

It needs truly meaning and a thorough implementing of true wisdom, at the base of which, lies pure love for all that is. It needs making peace with the resistance that your being initially shows toward any kind of change that affects you on a mental, physical and emotional level.

Is a flower petal afraid of falling on the ground?



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