Twin Flame

Many people use to think Twin Flames are just fun and games and eternal love and holywood style kisses in the sunset. Sorry, it’s not. It’s perhaps the most intimidating, frightening….and potentially life-altering experience a soul can have. Why ?

Because out Twin Flames comes to burn our “world”…meaning everything we thought constant, solid in our lives. He/she comes as the other half of our Soul….and trust me, few have the guts or maturity or the responsibility to handle this. Because the TwinFlame WILL trigger the Shadow in us, that’s his/her Karmic role. Why is this ? Because Twin Flame’s are destined to come together in their last incarnation. And for it to be the last, it means no darkness can remain buried, disguised, undercover deep in both their souls.

Our Twin Flame is not the dream lover who will make us totally happy in this incarnation. This is meaningless anyway, a finite happiness, ending with death. The Twin Flame’s role is to trigger and complete the inner Catharsis, to bring all darkness remaining in our souls to the surface, so we can deal with it.

And when the door of our inner Mordor opens…we often run away, terrified of what rushes forth to get us….because our own demons are the ugliest and most powerful ones. Very few can withstand such a merciless onslaught, very few can stand seeing what’s inside our inner Mordor….after our plateau of Gorgoroth there is no Sauron’s tower….but a huge, grinning statue…of ourselves, our Ego…laughing at us.

Yes, the true Twin Flame’s will hurt each other in every possible way…only providing each other with the ultimate challenge. Harsh, unjust words will be uttered, both will do the wrong thing, both will demonstrate their best…and then their worst self.

And then they are faced with their inner darkness as well as the ultimate challenge. To forgive each other. Which unfortunately has one major obstacle….their Egos.

Only the few who can live up to this challenge, defeat their egoism, master their Ego as well as their 3d aspect and it’s selfish needs are worthy of being true Twin Flames….and at some point come to know what Divine Love truly is.

To know the Essence of the Source is no easy task…to BE it, even harder. No one said the path towards the Light is easy…

So many people including myself sometime ago think that their Twin Flame will come to fill their lives with the perfect bliss, make everything right, fix everything. Wrong! Let’s say i’m expecting my dream lover, my perfect mate to come to my house. Would i leave clutter, dirt, a mess everywhere ? Dirty dishes in the sink, stains on the carpet, dog pooh everywhere etc etc ? Or would i prepare a wonderful dinner, make sure everything is as clean as it can possibly be, ok there is chaos in the closet and under the rug…but yes i put great effort for my house to be as tidy and beautiful as possible.

That’s exactly how we should be for our Twin Flame to arrive. Not perfect, not at all….but having cleared most of our inner mess. And sorry, that’s something we have to do ourselves, with the help of our Twin Flame of course…but if we are a mess and we expect him/her to come and clean it for us…it will never happen. Because if we dont have the strength to deal with our inner shadow ourselves…then nobody can do it for us.

“Let yourself be educated by Nature” some truly wise people say. And in Nature, there’s NO love and light….just survival of the strongest. No, it’s not cruel, it’s the right thing.

We are all presented with great challenges in Life. And we are given a choice. To learn our lessons, use the experience gained as a foundation to achieve higher ground…or see the circumstances we face as Divine punishment and spend the rest of our lives in regret, fear, jealousy, hatred, anger…in Shadow.

Or…we can turn towards the Light, and no matter what this world throw at us, doggedly insist on our chosen path. And yes, only the strongest get there, those who may never stop praying to the angels for guidance and help…but also help and guide ourselves….

Those who say the Universe works in mysterious ways are the ones that fail to fathom the ways of the Universe…God lies just a step outside our Egos. But that small step is actually a giant leap to coin an old phrase…and the few brave enough to take it…yes, they are the ones who deserve the promised land/Eden/nirvana/heaven, the end of the journey, Ithaca at long last.  We are all Ancient Mariners, travelling the stormy ocean…of our Ego.

Because what we need is to get away from our Egos….and that’s the hardest part. We like to think we can achieve everything ourselves…and never want to admit we need someone else. And the Twin Flame comes to help us break our coccoon…which is freakin intimidating….

It needs 2
Two legs to walk
two hands to create
two eyes to see properly
two ears to hear well
One Heart
One Mind
One Soul
One Light


Unknown Source


8 thoughts on “Twin Flame

  1. Kim says:

    if the meeting of your Twin Flame was this tumultuous…. it probably wasn’t your twin flame….. you were most-likely still working through some major Karmic closure. Which means your twin flame is probably still out there, waiting for you to finish your business so you can be ready for them.

  2. g says:

    Thanks for sharing this. For the past year and a half I have had a similar experience. It burns and continues to burn. This is not easy. But sometimes I wonder what is happening, as it’s so out of balance. I can only pray for the best outcome…but really should it be this hard? Both my twin and I have had very hard lives prior to meeting, both had huge level of abuse from our families which we have struggled in a big way and not yet healed, both have no sense of who we are as we have been under the thumb and suppressed, both not yet have a voice or sense that life can be enjoyed, both deeply sad, never experienced sense of being loved etc. And so guess what happened after we met….sunk even more into the depths of hell, making our life prior to meeting seem like a breeze in the park. All this despite putting in as much love as possible. We were just up against too much. Too much darkness in our collective families and this was magnified. Yet all the way along I see the potential, but it dies… All I can s.ay is that we both need BIG love. This love means for us to be in a space for a long time which is nourishing and life giving, in order to learn a new way of being. This means for us being in a place where we are treated well by others and connected to life in a good way. It is about having a good connection with life. Neither of us ever have had a real home, a secure base. This for me now, finding a home, is the biggest challenge of my life. My twin and I have separated. The biggest challenge for me is to find a home, which I have struggled with for many years. I ask God for big help. I pray that the stream of life finds a way into my heart, to find me and secure my base.

  3. Keith says:

    Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
    Carl Jung.
    Whenever there is a reaching down into innermost experience, into the nucleus of personality, most people are overcome by fear and many run away. . . The risk of inner experience, the adventure of the spirit, is in any case alien to most human beings. The possibility that such experience might have psychic reality is an athema to them.
    Carl Jung.

    At last, someone who can express their true feelings on Twinflames.

    I have met my Twinflame and we have hit the barrier stage, it hurts, thanks for sharing your feelings you are right.

  4. jptjsstwins says:

    Well this was interesting to read on many levels. I feel the same way and this has been going on for over a year and a half as well. Its one of the hardest things I have ever expereinced, but also the most beautiful. There are times i try to forget this person that walked into my life out of no where and turned everything upside down. I was on the verge to getting married to my highschool sweetheart when this man appeared out of thin air as if i dreamt him up. In some ways i feel as if i did because often times when i think of him i have a memory of dream i had years ago in the mits of living in a abusive home. I dont know why i keep thinking of this but when it happens i feel in my heart it is my one and only, the one i was created to love forever. Now im a pretty level headed person in many ways but the subject of him and everything revolving our subject always throws me off balance. We only had about 4 months of the physical togetherness and no i dont mean in a sexual way. We never were physical with one another except one night where we had our first kiss. that was the most intense experience i didnt think exsisted. I knew when we met and started talking that there was something very different about us. After the bliss of the first meeting(4months) i started to feel bad feelings and weird spurts of emotion that was happeing that made me feel something big was going to happen. One week after we had that crazy kiss I broke “whatever it was” off with us and walked away. In the present moment of walking away from him i was in so much pain, i felt so hurt and i didnt understand how he made me feel this kind of pain. Coming from a abusive home i thaught i knew what pain was, but this was so much worse. It hit the depths of my soul. I forgot to mention that while we were”Kind of dating” and after the breakup up to the present moment, WE WORK TOGETHER in the same building. This is hard enough as it is but the fact i have to see this man everyday is so hard. Im civil and never go out of my way to be mean but we both try our best to not cross paths but when we do the energy is insane. I feel so much love for him for no reason but also these bad feelings come back…..i try to stuff them down….but it never works. Iv grown closer to “god” and see numbers that have meaning everywhere all the time. 11:11-12:12-333-222-999-911-811-and all 11’S…i dont know its odd but i feel like its all some how conncected. When we were on good terms and talking we had moments of telepathy and weird things like that. It was only after we seperated that i saw the power and suggnifigance and i started looking for answers. I have tryed my hardest to divert what ever this is by calling him out on the stupid things i know he does and says. And he does weird things to me as well. I know we dont want to hurt eachother the way we always seem to do but it happens that way. and yet the feelings of unconditional, true, divine love never stop or end. Its amazing to feel so much but know all you can do is move on beliving it was real and made just for you. That one day this battle would be worth it and thats what i keep in mind. i love him and that will never change no matter how crazy my friends and family think i am. even though him and i are not talking verbaly i know he hears me becasue i hear him loud and clear.

    Life is a journey not a destination.

  5. g says:

    Yet in nature there is also nurturing. Imagine two swans….they never drift too far apart….they tend and care for each other. Caring and tending to each other, as a unit. If only our world could be as simple as beautiful as that.

  6. Brian says:

    I stumbled upon the Twin Flame idea this morning. Now I have a name for what I’ve been experiencing for the last year and a half. Brought together by FB and a shared high school (though we never met), I was in love before we met face to face and instantaneously reinforced upon our meeting. My life has been hell since as I already had what I thought was a complete life (wife, kids, house). She was the catalyst for the marriage counseling that had repaired a lot of the issues for our meeting in the first place. And yet, she’s still the first thought in the morning, last thought at night, and every second in between. I have become so much more spiritual and in tune than ever before trying everything i can find to explain why she means so much to me, and why I instantly felt I had a destiny with her. Sorry if this is tmi. It’s been bottled for a year and a half.

  7. At One says:

    We have been fully engaged in this transformative journey for 40 years. There is nothing more difficult and nowhere I would rather be.

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