There is no reason to love

There is no reason to love.

You might be wondering why I say there is no reason to love. I’ll explain after I try to explain what drives intense hate in powerful people. We need to know how our “enemies” work to defuse them.

The powerful hater, otherwise called elitist, evil banker, Hitler, Stalin, etc are normal people no different from us but they have all been deeply psychologicaly wounded by the failed parenting of their parents to the point they subconciously believe they are not worthy of love.

Children very often blame themselves when their parents argue and divorce. Similarly, these people subconciously blame themselves for not being loved and subconciously believe there is something deeply wrong with them. This is called toxic shame.

Parents who did not give enough love to their children are most likelly damaged themselves by their parents and they are folowing the example. The cicle continues generation after generation.

The parents of the powerful hater did not give him enough love and any love was most likely dependant on the behaviour of the child. This makes the child feel he is not accepted for what he or she is because the whole is never accepted, only the parts that their parents see as good behaviour. This further reinforces the subconcious belief that there is something deeply wrong with them. So wrong that their true selves are unlovable. This then leads to low self esteem.

This is the beginning of the narcissist. To live with these thoughts would be unbearable. To keep them in the subconcious they develop defence mechanisms. To combat the low self esteem they develop the pride defence. The fast cars, the fancy watches, the big incomes, etc are all there to feed the illusion that they are better than everyone else because without this pride they would feel that painful feeling that there is something deeply wrong with them. They cannot feel as an equal because the pride defence mechanism cannot stop the feeling that they are different.

The greater the pride in someone, the less they felt unconditional love (true love) when they where childs and the greater their fear of rejection and lack of ability to trust people. Their fear of rejection is caused by their parents rejecting them as they truly are and the fear of trusting people is a way to protect themselves from the fear of rejection, as nobody can reject you if they don’t know you.

Those are the most common defence mechanisms to their subconcious belief that there is something deeply wrong with them (toxic shame). This is Narcissism.

However, I believe that in extreme situations there can be other defense mechanisms to this toxic shame. The narcissist hates it when someone hurts their pride (called narcissistic injury in psychology) because it momentarily uncovers their subconcious belief that there is something deeply wrong with them. To every deep psychological pain the mind tries to develop a defence mechanism. Only the most narcissistic feel the pain is intense enough for a defense mechanism against the injury of their pride.

The way they defend against narcissistic injury is by accepting there is something deeply wrong with them. They start believing the reason their parents didn’t love them was because they are evil but because they now feel evil is their nature they believe evil is good because that is their nature and doing what we consider good is going against nature.

However, they don’t understand on a concious level their bias towards being evil so they rationalize it by creating ideologies that are partially scientific as they include parts of many theories like Eugenics. However, this defence mechanism is just another layer. The pride defence mechanism is still working and that makes them think they are superior in intelligence and are thus right in thinking their evil biased theories are right and unbiased.

In conclusion, the powerful hater does not hate most of the time but rather feels that evil is good because he believes his nature is evil and whatever is natural is good. It all stems from their toxic shame, their belief that there is something deeply wrong with them. They have created several layers of defence mechanisms over this toxic shame to protect themselves of it becoming concious because the psychological pain would be unbearable.

So why do I say “there no reason to love”? Well, because most people would interpret that as “loving is pointless”, however their subconcious, where bias does not exist, would also interpret it as “love is not dependant on behaviour” or “love is unconditional”. It’s a tool to get through the defence mechanisms of the powerful hater and to help heal the wound their parents created in their childhood. This will make them slightly fustrated because it will create a conflict between the subconcious belief and the concious one and then this fustration will turn into anger. When these people are angry they make mistakes that will wake up people. That’s what we need.

There is a bloodbath pretty much every generation. This is the cicle of bad parenting. The only way to cure our planet from this cicle that will ultimately leads us to self extermination is through the teaching of good parenting and true love, the unconditional one.

Never give up.

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