Dear loved ones

From my understanding, this is the year of massive change. For everyone currently existing has made the choice before birth to incarnate during a monumental moment in the history of the universe. Our relatives and loved ones are watching behind the curtains patiently waiting and hoping to see how the future events develop and unfold for each and every one of us, wishing us the very best of luck.

Our Earth, if you can imagine it as a living entity, is going through major change. Like our own lives, Earth also goes through it’s own growth and change. We are witnessing a time when our Earth is experiencing an important shift in it’s cycle. It has gone through many decades of misuse and abuse and if you think she can’t afford much more… you are correct. And she won’t.

So, by the power of our Creator, she will be reborn again and restored to her perfect beauty. But there’s a catch. She still has us inhabiting upon her while she is preparing for these changes. Not by accident. We all made the choice to be here at this time for our own development.

I believe the reason we decide to be born, is to learn, grow and develop into what we feel is a complete being. If we didn’t, we would probably be sitting up in heaven, eternal bliss, the after life, the other side, the spiritual world (however you see it)… and never know struggle. The kind of struggle we can only learn in this environment. Everyone has their own unique path, but I feel the general consensus is to exit life with no regrets.

Every one of us has put before ourselves symbols, hints and clues to help guide us towards what our inner selves know to be as our perfect path and way of learning. To help ourselves remember why we are living this life, our direction, our purpose. The catch to it all, is that we don’t necessarily remember our plan. If we did… if we were born knowing these things… we wouldn’t conciously subject ourselves to these hardships and just breeze through. And what would be the point of that? There would be little to no learning that way. Might as well not have incarnated at all, since you could have that as it is in “heaven”.

Think of it as being born with amnesia. Amnesia that prevents us from remembering who we are, where we came from (before birth) and why we are here.

Every single person ever existing has (at one point or another) contemplated this in their own time and way. The only difference between us and those before us… is that we have put ourselves in the situation to try and abide by the “deadline” in contingence with Earth’s plan.

We each get to choose how long we feel is necessary to put up with these changes happening around us. A “choose your own adventure” if you will. Every measure has been taken and is still underway in helping to make our journey as easy as we wish it to be in these trying times. The way we perceive these changes currently happening is entirely up to us.

If you look around you, you may see your friends or family members acting a little different than usual. Heck, that may be the norm for you. But lately, it’s due to our Creator’s divine plan. Think of it like… our Creator has spread pixie dust of love in our atmosphere. The purpose of this, is to help us reflect on our lives, on our inner selves. To help us view things in a different light for ourselves. To help us be objective about our decisions and of those around us. To learn to forgive ourselves and others… not because we feel we have to… but because we feel we want to. To help us follow our hearts.

Imagine being in “heaven” doing the things that bring you joy and one day you decide that you want to know more about yourself. You see your friends and loved ones coming home from their journey, sharing their stories and the ways it helped them grow. So you decide you would like a shot at experiencing these things for yourselves. To see what you can handle. You spend as much time as you feel is necessary deciding what things you feel would be the best way to help you grow as an individual. You also spend time deciding which hints and clues you’d like to put on your path to help guide you in the direction your spiritual self feels is necessary to go. The more struggle you withstand, the more you grow… and you never give yourself more than you can handle. Everything is always the perfect amount. At least that’s the idea.

Which brings me to another point. The point of leaving this journey and feeling like there was more you should’ve done, could’ve done, would’ve done. That is why it is important to take a moment and reflect on your choices you have made thus far, and decide if there’s anything left still open or unfinished. Imagine someone you know passing, who might have done something to you that you felt was wrong. Something that you did not forgive them for. Now imagine upon passing that they know they did something wrong to you, and the way they might feel for leaving that circumstance open ended the way they did and knowing the pain it still causes you… and not being able to do anything about it now because their time is up and you’re still left with these negative feelings regarding their actions. Now put yourself in their shoes. If you were them, wouldn’t you prefer to have the situation closed and resolved? Wouldn’t you prefer to have the person who is still left on Earth, to live without the grief it caused?

Well, you’re in luck. By simply thinking about these things, you can decide what loose ends you feel you would like to tie up. Once you do this, you will feel life is much freer. Once you do this, you may feel that it is much easier to live life through your heart.


Your dear friend.



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