Integration is a term Carl Jung coined that ultimately means integrating all the parts of yourself into a whole person. If you are not happy with yourself or your life then you are in need of integrating.

Where to begin. You have to go within yourself and look at your own truth. There are two types of truth. Outer truth which is objective (relative) and inner truth which is subjective (absolute). Inner truth is absolute because outer truth is constantly changing.

Truth is anything that leads you to the divine part of yourself. Illusions will not get you there even though they may disguise themselves as truths. You are moving toward oneness of consciousness. When you have found absolute truth you do not have to defend it or protect it. It just is. If you find that you are defending your truth then you are actually standing in an illusion.

When working with absolute truth you may have to sacrifice relative truth. Relative truth can lead you to absolute truth so don’t hold on to rigid points but flow with that which is.

Creativity is being in the presence of the divine so in creativity your intelligence is stimulated. As your consciousness opens up to new concepts you are entering into the area of intelligence. When you get an intuitive understanding, that is the soul passing the spiritual energy right through to mind as intelligence. When you get into the flow and start creating then intelligence flows and you can use your intent with the universe to make things happen.

As you become one with all you give thanks to the universe because the universe knows what is the best thing for you. Gratitude is key and can transcend all situations.

There is one consciousness. When you stop mentalizing and ask from your heart for light to be with you things around you change. Then you know those things which seem so locked in and crystallized can be released and altered.

If your life is not going well and you are having great emotional concern you can focus on locating the truth within yourself and sacrificing the truths that don’t work for you.

Be thankful for who you are. If you are angry and hurt that is the illusionary part which will keep you from your truth. When you get a vision of a greater reality you can leave that illusion.

You develop discipline into those things that will lead you higher. You become more self directed holding yourself in line and give up a lot of things you use to think you really wanted. You start to ask yourself if these things are really on your path of truth and light. You develop wit to discern inner direction. You develop an inner strength to overcome habits that are not good for your path. you become more honest and take charge of a lot of areas in your life.

When you know the light you can no longer be bought. You have sustaining energy of love and light and find your discipline is automatic. You start to do things in the right way in right consciousness. If you experience doubt you just hold on until you hear the inner direction.

After you develop discipline and are more attuned to the light something inside you wants to help others. This is an opportunity to help others that are in need.

You move into love. When you love you don’t look at anything as being a burden or sacrifice. Through divine love you will see all things in proper perspective and you use your will only to recognize it.

The quality of divine love sustains holds and supplies you all things. It comes in a great rhythm and movement and fills your heart. Love flows through you and all you want to do is demonstrate it.

Some things to do to help integrate yourself

Your objective is to learn to be your own parent. First look within and see what you are telling yourself. All negative talk about yourself is something that someone else told you that was not really true about you. For instance if your parent told you as a child that you were stupid (or any other derogatory term) you probably believed them but you must realize that they heard that from their parents (your grandparents) and they are projecting that part of themselves that they are in denial about onto you.

So the matter of fact is that you are not really stupid (or other derogatory term) but we tend to believe what our parents told us growing up and have carried these negative messages with us into adulthood. You have to find a way to eliminate these negative messages inside of your head because the thoughts you tell yourself control how you are experiencing your life. You have to deeply understand that these negative things you tell yourself are NOT true at all but were told to you by others which you took to heart because you were a vulnerable child and tend to believe what was told to you.

You can change these messages with diligence and hard work. As soon as you NOTICE one of these messages tell yourself STOP inside your head. You do have to make an effort to be aware of what you are telling yourself. It can take a long time but if you are persistent and continue noticing and telling yourself to stop these messages they will eventually stop coming up.

As soon as you tell yourself STOP you immediately replace the negative message with a positive one and may want to reinforce the positive one by repeating it a few times. Carry a paper around with you with a list of positive messages to tell yourself. Believe it or not you CAN get rid of all of your negative messages you have been telling yourself and as you do your life will change for the better.

You also have to face and accept all the parts of yourself that you have lost along the way from childhood that you are in denial of. These come up from past trauma in your life. You can recognize these parts because they are the ones that can trigger strong uncontrollable emotions in you. Say you were betrayed by someone you loved very much. The pain you experienced because of this betrayal caused you to shut down parts of yourself in a manner to protect yourself from experiencing that pain again.

There may be emotions and thoughts you had that were surprising to you that you don’t want to accept or you may wonder why you didn’t see it coming. That is denial. You have to face your emotions and the part you played in that experience and feel the pain from it to learn what happened. This takes you out of denial and helps heal the parts of you that were hurt and placed aside. Very difficult process but pain takes you somewhere and through it we learn a lot about who we are. Going through this process you may want someone to help you go through it and is advised.

It is all doable. You definitely have to open yourself up and be accountable for all that has happened to you in your life. Embrace it. Cry about it. Let it out. Understand that you are a divine being and reconnect to that part of who you are. Our experiences here are just a series of lessons in this school of life.

Bottom line is that we are all the same. And go through many similar experiences. We have always been divine beings and have only forgotten who we are as life experiences weigh us down. You can unshackle the weight of the world because everyone of us can reconnect to the divine/the universe. It is only you who can make the choice to open up and remember who you really are.

First Wave

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