Full moon

As I have shared many times before, the Full and New Moons, along with Equinoxes and Solstices, are auspicious times of upgrading our bodies with rays of Infinite light. On this particular Full Moon (7:44p.m. MST), our New relationships are especially activated with Sacred Agape Love. This is enhanced by powerful solar activity…you see the higher purpose and synchronicity of this? Solar=male; lunar: female. And so on this day, there is great balance within our higher, more evolved spiritual male and female energies.

In the days since the Fourth Gateway of last Monday, in which we were initiated and birthed into the merging of our Higher Heart and I AM Presence, we may have had epiphanies and an opening of our creativity channels. We are getting more and more clear about Who we are, what we are doing here and what gifts we are to offer the world. This is not just dreaming big; we are given the opportunity to see how our gifts and dreams fit in the world. We are bringing our 5D energies onto the 3D world, as we straddle and balance both.

The upgrade we are experiencing during this Full Moon expands the purpose of the Fourth Gateway in that we have an opportunity to integrate more fully our Higher Heart/I AM Presence, leading us into the New RelationsThe New Relationship is the balance and integration of Agape Love, first within ourselves and then in our existing and new relationships. This disintegrates ego love, based on the illusion of romantic love, which is fleeting, because it’s not real. Our egos love the romance, and once that illusion fades, we have the opportunity to experience Real Love…or not.

As we balance our 5D male/female aspects of Self by unconditionally loving ourselves and embracing all parts of ourselves, making stronger our inner Unity Consciousness (spoken of in the last Ascension Notes), we then bring to ourselves an outer expression of this Higher Heart Love. The Higher Heart is clear, has no illusions to take us away from our Path, and is based on Unity Consciousness and Agape Love. Ready? Ego love cannot last, for it is illusion and if we can keep our Center and be patient, we can see through to the other side into Real Love; Higher Heart love; Agape Love, where there is mutual respect, understanding, acceptance and support of each other’s Paths. Ego love seeks to control, is based in fear and of “getting.” It’s all about me, me, me. When we are in the Higher Heart, our “list” does not matter; outer appearances do not matter; only the expression and knowing of High Love matters.

We have shifted in consciousness and, of course, this affects our relationships…inner and outer. It’s a time of new beginnings and endings. What will be revealed are those old beliefs and patterns that are based in ego and “the old.” They cannot withstand the revealing of all this Light. This can be like a cluttered closet in which we ignore. The opportunity here is that we can open the closet, turn on the light and see all the junk we shoved in there. Time to clear out the closet! We really can’t take the junk with us. If we insist on keeping the closet door closed, we cannot continue to evolve. Of course, the junk includes people, doesn’t it? Are the people in your life loving, supportive and accepting? Or…

I have shared how it is becoming more intense as we become further and further initiated into the higher realms of Divine Love and Light. One issue that may come up for release is that of self-blame. Within the context of this are non-self-acceptance, non-self-love, and self-judgment. And so, this is a time for more clearing of anything that does not resonate with Higher Heart Love.

This Full Moon is another “super moon,” enhanced by the intense solar activity. As you might know, when the Moon is full it is opposite the Sun, creating a push-pull effect, which can bring inner tension. The inner tension is actually a gift that allows those things that are not of Love to surface. Breathe through this tension and know as the “old” comes up for release, it allows for more Light to be integrated. In regard to Earth, it does the same…creating tectonic movement and other Earth-releases…we and Gaia are One.

Physical Manifestations: For a long time, many of us have experienced headaches as our higher chakras have been upgraded and activated. That may be easing now, as we have shifted into higher gear (think Maserati or Ferrari…we’re hummin’ now!) What we do feel, most us anyway, is a higher energy, which could feel jittery…like we drank too much coffee…anxiety, electrical buzzings in different parts of our body, heart palpitations and tingling. You may have sleep interruptus, and yet are full of energy the next day. Definitely, sleep patterns are changing. The higher energy also brings more clarity (clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, etc.). The Veil is all but dissolved. You may see more than usual, especially into higher dimensions. You may look right into another’s Soul and see their truth…Nice! Bye-bye, illusions.

There are moments of clarity and peace, shifting into sadness and confusion and then back again…all within a matter of hours or minutes. Breathe. There is a desire for more silence and quiet. Noise can be a real irritant. Spend more time just doing nothing. You may feel spacey at times, which are Light-integrating moments; be especially still in those moments. Any clutter…things, people, thoughts, etc. will definitely urge you to let go and open space within to receive more Grace. Simplify and know all that you are experiencing is making way for an entirely New you.

There has been a sacred marriage of high etheric energy and the Earth Grid,which includes our own Body Grids. This has brought more Christ Consciousness onto the Earth and ourselves, allowing for more disintegration of “the old” and an upgrade of the New. It has also created a stronger, clearer and more open conduit or channel between us and those Beings on High, who guide us; including our Higher Selves. Our Higher Selves/Souls, of course, are us and so there has been a great merging. Less and less we are hearing the voice of ego, and more and more the Voice of Soul.

We may have fear come up for release. It could be irrational in that you are unable to locate its source. Don’t busy yourself trying to figure it out, as that’s ego-play and keeps you distracted. When it’s there, bless it and let it go, reminding yourself of the Truth that you are Divine, guided, supported and evolving. The fear could be cultural and possibly that of fearing authority. We are now seeing behind the curtain and realizing the Great Wizard is nothing more than a little dude pulling strings. Well, the strings have been cut, so the little dude has no control over us any more!

We have the opportunity to let go of more of our old storyline. We also are receiving grounding upgrades, so that our changes can be reality-based and we feel more secure in them. This does a lot for any fear we may have of the changes we are or will experience.

Just know you are safe, no matter what it looks like “out there.” Trust, be patient and know that time and space have changed, as we all have. Stay in the Moment and let go of everything else. Stay away from drama and conflict and be in your Heart’s Integrity at all times. When guided to action, ask “What would you have me do, Soul?” And finally, be truthful with yourself and your deepest desires.

Have a beautiful inner-unifying Full Moon Ceremony and know how deeply and profoundly you are loved, honored and celebrated.



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