20 clues the third eye is opening

Many people ask how they know if the third eye opens.  This is an experience each person is invited to  confirm this inside. It helps if one understands the chakras and the progression of energetic awakening. This is a solitary and collective journey.

The third eye is also known as the sixth chakra or pineal gland.  As you attune to this, you are beginning to transcend the mind and reconnect with spirit. Consider clues that suggest what is happening to your perceived innersight.

1. When you know, you no longer doubt or question.

2. You gain new clarity and insight into past lives.

3. You are beginning to fully trust the indescribable.

4. You grasp the authentic you is never alone.

5. You stop searching for a single calling or purpose.

6. You connect with energetic vibration & core frequency.

7. You intuit the nature & implications of immortality.

8. You feel things that are not physically discernable.

9. You develop heightened sensitivity within & without.

10. You attract kindred spirits who experience similar things.

11. You sense pulsating light waves as you close physical eyes.

12. You no longer see pure blackness when you close eyelids.

13. You grow increasingly fearless (not foolhardy).

14. Your meditation experience expands to sense light energy.

15. You perceive light moving & expanding through the body.

16. Your perspective reverts to that of a detached witness.

17. You talk less, listen more and realize you know nothing.

18. You notice consciousness expand & ego-mind fades away.

19. Competitive & negative thoughts no longer control you.

20. You begin to sense unlimited power & universal energy.



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