Qualities of highly sensitive souls

Here is a list of qualities of Highly Sensitive Souls that I have developed, based on the work of Dr. Elaine Aron and on my own experience.  According to Aron, HSPs comprise about 15 to 20% of the population.

Characteristics of Highly Sensitive Souls

  • extremely intuitive
  • highly aware, keenly observant
  • attuned to the subtleties of the surrounding environment light, noise, sound, temperature etc.
  • emotionally sensitive and caring, easily affected by the energy and emotions of others
  • often empathic or psychic
  • experience emotions with great intensity and depth
  • have a lower tolerance for stimulation than others
  • need adequate rest, nutrition and time alone to feel balanced
  • highly conscientious
  • intense, passionate, emotional
  • able to concentrate deeply with uninterrupted time
  • prefer to work independently
  • process information deeply and from many sources of information
  • often more right-brained, artistic
  • often feel very different than “everyone else”
  • have a rich, complex inner life – often highly imaginative
  • often seen by others as sensitive or shy
  • often introverted, though 30% of HSPs are “socially extroverted” according to Dr. Aron
  • can get extremely engaged with work and ideas
  • often prefer to avoid news and TV
  • have an important role to play in society as advisors, sages or prophets

One of the absolutely most important things I’ve learned as Highly Sensitive Soul is to STOP asking myself, “What’s wrong with me?” if I ever felt uncomfortable or unhappy.

In my experience, I was so often different than others around me, that I learned to ask myself this question early on. Now I ask myself, “What’s my intuition telling me right now?”  What a gift to myself!


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