How Implants are Used Against Us

Reptilians use implanted chips to keep as many spiritual individuals as preoccupied as possible, keep them distracted from their missions and slowed (if not stopped altogether) in their growth.

Emissions from these chips, for example, can keep the mind in a fog, making it hard for an individual to focus and concentrate on their work.  Other types of chips are used to cause pain or disease, another highly effective way to distract people from expanding consciously.  Others find themselves distracted purely by the dictates of the chip’s programming.

At times, Reptilians will select certain spiritual individuals that they’ve chipped. They seduce them, cause them to move into the darker side of their nature and then further the Reptilian agenda.

These individuals are programmed to confuse, distract, misinform or waylay other spiritual people – and keep them snared in the low vibration of duality.

This can happen when individuals meet and talk one-on-one or when they meet in groups.  It happens a great deal on the Internet, even in the many spiritual groups where thousands can be exposed to and potentially harmed by those who have been co-opted by the Reptilians and are controlled via implants and multiple cords to dark entities.

Through the use of implants, Reptilians of several different dimensions have been interfering with the spiritual growth of the ground crews working the ascension process.  It’s a sad reality that so many who gain knowledge or consciousness beyond a certain level are targeted and then implanted.  But it does not stop with the Ground Crews.

News personalities, politicians, movie stars and other high-profile individuals have been chipped and are being used to push the Reptilian agenda.  The same can be said for scientists, members of the military, members of government, etc. It is through the use implants that the dark Reptilian agenda has literally been programmed into all segments of society.

“Do I Have an Implant?”

That question may be on your mind after reading this information. If you are able, the best thing to do is ask the question of your Guide(s) of the Light, who will be happy to tell you. There are also symptoms that could indicate you have an implant, including:

  • Brain fog
  • Unexplained pain in the head or other parts of the body
  • Persistent feelings of negativity or hopelessness
  • A sense of being “stuck” emotionally
  • Being stalled in your spiritual growth
  • Aggressive, possessive or domineering behaviors
  • Feeling that you aren’t in control of your emotions or actions
  • Dreams or vague memories of having something artificial placed inside your body against your will