Alone with my self
in a world filled with fear.
Alone with my self
if I’’m there or I’’m here.

Alone with my self,
all my boundaries are lost.
The truth that I seek,
the reward and the cost.

Alone in my mind
while my heart seems to steer.
My actions are foreign,
their causes unclear.

To be in the One
is the call of my Soul.
To know who I AM
is my prayer and my goal.

I summon the moment
to give me a reason
to be who I AM
in this time and this season.

Alone in my self,
I call forth the light
to show my true path
and bring down my might.

But am I alone
in this time of great question
or part of the Oneness
and not just this section?

This sections the ending
of all I might be,
a fragment, a portion
of all I can see.

I beckon the One
to come into my heart
to remind me this ending
is really my start.



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