You are free

In the dance of our souls,
We intermingle
Bumping into one another

Dancing quick, moving slow,
Frequency meets frequency
We collide in light and shadow

You are free
Free to be
Who you are…

In this moment and all others
No matter what another thinks
Just be the you, you are.

Surely when you let it be
You will see the light
Within the mirror of your soul

Everything is right.

There is no wrong
Only trends of thought
Which bend and flow as tides

Accepting your Self,
Just as you are
Knowing you are growing.

Acceptance comes from within,
So who cares what “they” say?
Be your Self in every shade

That surely is “the way”

“The truth” resides within the way,
The light shines from your heart,
So walk your path

And walk it true…

You are free
As you let your Self be.


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