A love affair

The myths and misunderstandings about kundalini are many. There are Eastern disciplines that work to “raise it” in meditation and in other practices and there are those that strive to keep it “controlled”.

For some the raising of the Kundalini is a wonderful experience and for others it’s very frightening. So let’s shed some light & common sense on the process.

Kundalini is the life force or chi, which in most people lies dormant at the base of the spine. It is given the name “kundalini” when it begins to “move” within the body. This movement is typically felt as tingling throughout the body or a twitching or trembling in either the legs or the belly. Sometimes the first intense tremors awaken us from a dream, where it might appear as a snake or experienced as being run over or overtaken, by something profound.

It is commonly awakened during spiritual practices or conscious breathing and more and more often these days seems to be awakening spontaneously in people who are not following any set spiritual or meditative practice.

This whole thing can be a scary experience as most people have little or no idea as to what is happening as their life force stirs and feelings of being “dangerous” or “out of control” are not uncommon. This can especially be scary for those who don’t want to feel driven by feelings of power or lust. It can be easy to be led to a perception that something is “wrong”.

Life itself can seem to be intensifying on all fronts, while feeling extremes of heat & cold are not uncommon and sensitivity to noise and the surroundings may become intense. You can become more & more psychically & emotionally sensitive or sleep deprived or fall into states of exhaustion. You may feel as though you can read the minds of others and become very sensitive to “negative vibes”.

Smoking pot increases these perceptions and can actually lead to a form of “drug induced psychosis” that looks and feels like deep paranoia and lack of trust in your own perceptions. [Suggestion: stop smoking it!]

Most Western doctors will have no idea of what’s happening & often misdiagnose anything from schizophrenia to epilepsy or “infantile” fitting. This increases the fear factor, which increases the symptoms.

The naturally occurring process is that one chakra after another, from the base up, will become activated and “open”. The “symptoms” will seem to coincide with the areas of influence of the chakras.

The opening of crown and third eye chakras can feel like a headache and there can also be drawing, tingling, pulling or burning sensations around the crown, and feelings of the brain and skull being stretched. All this is normal, so don’t get attached to any of it!

I have heard otherwise sensible people refer to Kundalini as “dangerous” and recommend that in order not to “burn up” or “short-circuit” from the amount of electricity in the body that those affected move into houses made entirely without metal, become vegan, use only organic products and leave the city to get off the power grid – not a very practical or attractive option for most of us! [Try drinking lots of water and getting some healthy exercise instead!]

I have also heard of someone in a position to have their opinion taken seriously, describing it as a “disgusting” experience. If you have no other references for your experience it’s very easy to take on this kind of fearful negativity and other misperceptions.

So, lets look at the bright side & get a bit sensible about the whole business.

Firstly, it is a profound spiritual experience that can lead to states of bliss, psychic development and the ability to heal. Drink water.

It will challenge you. But if you were not also able to rise [pun intended] to the occasion you would not have created or accepted this gift for yourself in the first place.

The more you focus on the symptoms, especially fearfully, the more intense they will become. This is a rule of life – the more you focus on ANYTHING the more of it you’ll get. Fear limits you in every way. So the trick is to gracefully allow the process to unfold, monitoring your progress in a detached way.

Be fascinated by the peeling away of layers of old, outworn emotional rubbish, belief systems and general dross you’ve been carting around for lifetimes. You are being offered FREEDOM here – make no mistake. It can be painful to let go of illusions, especially ones about yourself. It is normal to burst into tears for almost no reason as old emotional charges release.

Anger may also surface. You will not go mad, become dangerous or otherwise destructive to yourself or others. You will not lose yourself. Drink water.

Find a sensible outlet for your feelings and the energy on them. You can throw bricks, break plates, go for a run or howl at the moon or scream in the car with the stereo up loud – whatever it takes to move the energy in a healthy responsible manner. But move it you must, or it will make you sick or cause other problems. You are being offered a life-enhancing gift and you are required to be responsible for yourself and own it.

As the kundalini moves in the base chakra it can easily and often feel sexual. This is normal – the base chakra corresponds to the genitals and reproduction and to our survival and connection to Earth/Gaia.

The second chakra is our sexual and power center. And the third is the Solar Plexus – our center of will and of our expression of life. As the energy flows, we are awakened into our physical spirituality. If you feel sexual during a healing or on other “inappropriate” occasions it does not mean that someone is projecting to you or that you fancy them – it can simply be that the energy itself feels sexual. Don’t take it personally. [Conversely, you may wonder what happened to your sex drive, as it takes a complete holiday!]

Kundalini often rises spontaneously during the sex act and can causing shaking, writhing, twitching etc. It may be odd, but it will intensify the experience, so tell your partner what it is, relax and enjoy it. The more you tense up, the stronger the muscles can spasm. Unless you manage to stop the process completely, in which case you’ll wonder what happened to your energy! It can also be catching – one person’s kundalini often brings up another’s, so you could be in for a good time. For an even better time, bring the energy into the heart, cross connect in a figure eight and go for union through the heart as well as the sex bits… now you’re cooking! It is here that practices of sacred and tantric sex begin, as we learn to raise the energy to the heart and to express our connection to our lover as a sacred act of divine union. This is the highest expression of physical love.

The shaking is caused as the energy rises up the spine, through the chakras. As there is more energy passing through a chakra than there’s “room for”, a spasm will occur in adjacent muscles as the energy is released “sideways”. It has to go somewhere. Old blockages, limitations and contractions in the energy [etheric] field of the body, the “cellular memory” and the muscles are released as the energy runs through them. So you shake. And may feel some of the feelings that belong with the “imprint” you were carrying in the body. Again, the tenser you are, the more you will shake, so allow yourself to relax and go with the flow.

The best-known Western cultural reference for Kundalini that most of us have is the Quakers or Shakers and the charismatic movement, where they also speak in tongues – or the Language of Light as Lightworkers have come to call it. It all helps with the clearing process and so facilitates the rising of your vibrational field. Which is supposed to be the point of all spiritual pursuits.

The “clearer” you are or become, the less constriction there will be in your body and the less you’ll shake. As you develop familiarity with your kundalini and its processes, the more able you will be to raise it at will by focusing on the base chakra and drawing the energy up. You can then hold a feeling or a belief in your focus and direct the kundalini, simply by your intent, to clear it. This is most efficient self-healing. Pay attention as you do it. Bringing the energy out the crown of the head, around down the front of the body and back in through the second or sacral, chakra will keep you grounded as you work with this potent energy.

Focus on always drawing the energy through the heart and clearing and opening that chakra fully. Channel it into the “back heart” – the back of the heart chakra can hold a lot of very old personal and collective grief. Just be mindful of it and remember to fill it, too, with the energy. Know that you cannot possibly do any harm to yourself or any other as long as you channel your feelings and energy and intent through the heart.

Anger, when you learn to channel it effectively, becomes a clear and empowering expression of will and grief becomes joy. When this is mastered, the higher heart begins to open and work actively for you. And another wonderful journey is embarked upon. This is the journey of the Sacred Heart – A Love Affair between yourself and yourSelf, in the world of the Awakened Soul.



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