Cleansing your aura

Meditate and visualize your aura, all the good and bad energies like a living blanket of energy.

Then visualize a small white ball radiating from your breastbone, inside the aura. While taking deep and rhythmic breaths, make the ball expand, as it expands and comes into contact with your aura, you will feel a mild tingling sensation.

This is the pure energy acting to ‘burn off’ the negativity and negative emotions attached to your aura. Continue to expand the ball until it completely encompasses you.

You may hear a ringing in your ears or a sizzling static noise. That’s ok. Hold this image in your mind until you feel certain the negative energy has been diffused.

Take a deep breath and hold it while you visualize that white light becoming like fog, dissipating around you, falling harmlessly away. What remains should be your normal, at rest aura.

You may want to do this several times the first week, then maybe once a month (or more during periods of stress) thereafter.



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