Four basic principles of life for males

One theory to the basic principles of life for the male revolves around money, sex, power, and control. In trying to define what each principle means, bear in mind that those four principles may or may not be classified into two categories with money and sex as one category and power and control as another category.

Socioeconomic status must also be taken into account in describing the four principles and their relationship to the individual. For the average blue-collar male, the principles most important to them are probably money and sex.

Both money and sex are probably their most important need and want over both power and control. That does not mean however, that they would not want both power and control.

Human beings are like opportunistic pathogens. They will seize power and control if such an opportunity is present. For a temporary moment, one may decide to categorize money and sex as level one and then power and control as level two.

For example, a boy that may have grown up poor but has become incredibly wealthy (with access to both principles of money and sex) and now wants to get into politics. This individual is in the early stages of slowly and incrementally wanting to exert some kind of control and possessing some kind of power. The same can be said of males of higher socioeconomic status.

For the white-collar high-ended male, power and control becomes their prioritized aphrodisiac. That does not mean however, that money and sex is not necessary or needed to their life for it is still a part of the four principles of life, hence the title, the four basic principles of life permeating all males regardless of class status.

One must keep in mind the very fundamental law of logic itself. In order for the high class person to achieve both power and control in its maximum, money is a necessary means to achieve both power and control.

In other words, one cannot exert or possess a lot of power and control if they have zero money. For example, some conspiracy theorists believe that the entire planet Earth is governed by an elite class of bankers or individuals making extraordinary serious money.

But would they be able to control the world and exert incredible force if they did not have all that money and wealth? One may argue that their ultimate goal is maximum power and control but they fall into the fallacy of negating the two basic principle of life of money and sex.

In other words just because they have all the power and control does not mean that once in a while they wouldn’t want money and sex. For example, my former professor of religious studies and philosophy Dr. Mueller quoted three simple words from a wealthy male individual: “I want more.”

Many people (both expert and non-expert) tend to argue that for super rich individuals they already have all the money so they would not want any additional money. This is simply not true. I am already a billionaire. If there was an opportunity for me to become a trillionaire, would I go for it? Of course, I would!

The conspiracy theory of a bunch of control freaks (includes men and women but mostly men) wanting to control the world is not as far-fetched as it sounds. This only works in direct parallel with logicality.

When a man has all the money, it only makes sense that they want, can, and are able to control the world by automatic default. Thus, it is not a conspiracy theory.

Sex is the most interesting and fascinating basic principle of life. It is included in the foundational layer of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It is a need and a want regardless of one’s socioeconomic class.

Earlier, I mentioned that the four principles may be split into two categories of level one (money and sex) and level two (power and control) respectively.

The four principles may also be split into four levels as well. Money is designated as level one. Sex is designated as level two. Power is designated as level three. Control is designated as level four.

When a male makes a lot of money, he can then move onto higher levels more easily. He can obtain all the sex he desires which is level two. As he begins to accumulate more money, levels three and four become more easily obtainable as well.He gains more and more in power and may hold high-powered positions. As he gains more power, he will then be able to exert control.

At this stage, whether or not he wants to exert control is irrelevant to ponder because both subconscious and unconscious forces will come into play. In other words, he may project control and he does not even notice it.

The desire to exert control becomes second-natured. Nevertheless, even at the climax in which the male achieves all four principles, sex will always be a need and a want. For the counterargument to simply remove the principle of sex is foolish.

If power and control were the only end goals then how come a lower level principle of sex is still in the play, still in the play even when one has achieved great success? This all goes back to earlier when I mentioned the three simple words “I want more” from my former professor Dr. Mueller’s wealthy male friend.

On the other hand, for the average blue-collar male, the principle of sex is self-explanatory. Some of the blue-collar males can barely get by on a month-to-month basis.

Chasing after power and control would simply not be a part of their lives and is not even logical by itself. Even if he wants to be in a faithful monogamous relationship, the odds are against him according to research (

And he might be able to save a couple of hundred dollars to have a good time with a companion, but that would only come once in a blue moon. The blue-collar male is more concerned with paying his bills, buying food, and survival. Remember, this does not mean however, that if there was an opportunity to gain power and control, that the blue-collar male will not seize it.



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