Let it go

Here we are, at the peak of the sixth night in the eighth underworld of an ancient calendar. There are three weeks left until this level of consciousness manifests itself with just a few months to ripen before entering the last level and underworld.

What this may hold for humanity and our individual self is as predictable as guessing how large the internet would become while still in 1987.

Though the time is so very short on the upcoming events and processes (of which are anybody’s guess), they are still quite far away on an evolutionary scale. While it does seem that time is speeding up, it’s important to learn and remember that time really is an illusion.

Our Gregorian calendar, the way in which we measure movement, should become less of a pinpoint focus and be more understood that it is just a tool.

I believe that holding on to this tool as being a solid truth in life during the coming months will only lead to suffering and confusion. The day can not have a label to it that encompasses all that it is, so when it pains you, let it go.

That may just be the key to being open to all that is coming as well. We appear to be entering into a time when there will be increasingly more to encompass in one’s life then the brain could ever process.

This might be an excellent opportunity to be open to one’s own intuition, if you haven’t already allowed that to blossom. Logic, though a fine skill to possess, is going to fall very short of the mark that is required to evolve to this next level. Let it go.

The upcoming underworld seems to hold many chances for growth. For those who understand this, you might feel the flutter of joy and perhaps even excitement. For those who do not, these words may seem like rubbish and that is ok. We’re all still sitting in the roller coaster anyways.



3 thoughts on “Let it go

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