Quantum breakthroughs

A fragment of Solara’s September 2010 surf report

Quantum Breakthroughs

As we prepare to depart our old landscape to travel into the Unknown, this is when we start seeing the beauty of the old landscape that we are now leaving. It suddenly feels very poignant to leave the old behind. We longingly look back at the familiar territory of our old landscape and notice that all the bridges behind us are burning. The bridge under our feet is also on fire. There is nowhere to go, but into the Unknown. And since the burning bridge that we are standing on is getting very hot, we better hurry up.

During this intense time of changing paradigms, we are constantly being bombarded with a multitude of diverse energies coming from multiple directions. There is so much to do, most of them unrelated tasks. Often there is simply too much input coming at us. With these heightened conditions, it’s no surprise that many people’s energies are being pulled all over the place right now. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed and slip into the swamp of inertia. Or to get pulled into numerous distractions and lose focus on what is important.

September is an action packed month in which we make lasting progress in completing the old and preparing for our leap into the New. This isn’t just normal busyness, but it’s serious action done by our stripped down core self. Lots of long outstanding matters are being resolved. Some of us will be expanding the definitions of overstretched and multi-dimensional beyond all previous boundaries.

September will be a huge reality check time for many people. This is because much is On the Line and we are no longer able to pretend that something is right, when it isn’t. The Sword of Truth is cutting through anything that is false, unreal or untrue. There will be problems to solve, challenges to move through and what appear to be blocks to dissolve. Whenever they arise, it’s important that we don’t collapse ourselves into our problems and challenges. Just do what needs to be done as cleanly as possible and move on.

September’s Quantum Breakthroughs are pushing us out of our old landscapes and bringing us closer to our New Landscapes. Each time that we experience a Quantum Breakthrough, it gives us a whole new list of things to do. Whenever a Quantum Breakthrough occurs, our priorities must be immediately reordered. Numerous new tasks and activities appear and previously invisible layers of things to release are made visible. We start doing things that we never thought we would do. When old emotions, old triggers and old reactions come up, we now know that they aren’t real, and immediately push them aside for greater truths and new ways of doing things.

These Quantum Breakthroughs will continue throughout the year. The size of each breakthrough is directly connected with the scale of our emergence as a True One. If we allow ourselves to be constantly distracted from what is Real and True, we won’t be able to see the melons that are coming to us. If we are still trying to hold onto the past, our hands will be too full to receive the melons. But if we are standing strong as a True One with our hands open in readiness to embrace the New, then we will be free to catch melon after melon after melon.

Just as Perfect Storms are rare alignments of unrelated elements that come together for maximum impact, the new Quantum Breakthroughs that arrive in the form of melons are also rare alignments of unrelated elements. Yet the combination of these seemingly unrelated elements is composed of the perfect mixture of what is most needed. It is extremely concentrated and highly potent. This concentrated energy of a melon has a massive and far reaching impact.

This is why melons are not simply a blessing or reward, but they bring lasting breakthroughs. Each melon is ripe and juicy with the energy of the New and True. It brings with it new freedom, new potentials, new choices, new responsibilities, new creativity, new insights and new areas of action.

And of course, we need to be True Ones in order to receive the melons that are coming to us. That’s why, no matter what else is happening, being a True One is still our Number One Priority.

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