We’ve got crop failures at 12 o’clock

by Julez Edward

So here we are, at about 1 year before the end of the Mayan Calendar and about 2 and something years before an alleged pole shift and new ice age reshapes this planet.

In August the solar activity ramped up, which is necessary to get the show finally going to the February 2013 maximum. You might have heard that the Sun was a little bit behind schedule. Well, she’s about to make it up to us. Now in human terms, the Sun is mainly important for tourism and such, but like you know, she influences a lot of what happens on this planet.

Gambling with food
With almost nobody really caring about it, years ago, basic resources for food, like corn, soy beans, grain, salt, etc.. were put on the stock market, for the middle rich class to gamble on it. You know, if many people buy grain, price goes up and MILLIONS of people pay more for their bread.

This didn’t do much damage to the Safe West, until some months ago. There’s one big advantage of letting bored golf-playing- addicts gamble on the basic stuff of our society: they need to watch the news in order to know whether a resource is going to get more scarce or whether it’s going to be abundant.

Though, golf playing and having a decadent lifestyle, they learned from their rich Daddies what to look for. They know that drought or surges aren’t very much what we need in agriculture, so… This is from the news telex the last months:

You didn’t click any of those links? Shame on you, neither did I.

What you need to know
Your food is going to get more expensive. In some regions much more and much faster than in others. The more ‘finished/produced’ your food is, the more the price is going to increase. It’s exponential – again.

By design or… by Design?
God? God likes to watch. Of course this is part of the plan. This is making sure more and more people are going to die and suffer. As strange as it may sound, this is what we came here for, to experience the cleansing of a planet, after exploiting her resources at an ever-increasing speed, in a total – permit me – fucked up balance of consciousness, and even not recognizing her – our Planet – as a conscious being.

But no matter how you flip the coin, this had to, has to and will happen. The question – like with everything else – is how you deal with it.

But is this coming food crisis by design of The Powers That Be, or by God Creator design? In the first place the latter. But since The Powers That Be are great planners (or that’s at least what their numerous psyops want us to believe) and they’re generally located at the top of the food-chain, we don’t really need to worry about them. They’ll still have all the food and resources they need.

The answer is very easy: Does it really matter? It’s about you, not them. Blaming others isn’t going to bring any more food on your plate.

Signs and more signs
Hyperinflation always shows up in food prices first. That’s a bottom-liner every serious economist will tell you. Hyperinflation is worse than megainflation, which is in turn worse than superinflation. Superinflation means the price of products rises so dramatically (especially the products in ‘the index’) that the wages can’t be adjusted with the same speed the food prices rise (usually only once per year). That’s super inflation. what we’re heading for is hyper inflation.

What you can do
Grow your own food, share it with others. Especially that last act is important. By sharing food with others, you open yourself up to receive it as well, when you might need it the most. Again: don’t fear it, be aware of it and act accordingly. Learning to eat less, but to eat better is definitely a good way to go.

Bon appetite!


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