True love dissolves every human boundary

Not in a thousand years, as you say, could your little minds have seen what we shall do together here on Earth. For hidden in the guise of human beings are some of the greatest Twin Flames that exist. Not just exist as beings of evolving consciousness who are a part of life on Earth, no. Rather, you have come, dear ones, from those very realms of light.

You have come to sound the chord; you have come to show the way. You have come to reunite every human being who will say “Yes” to Love with his or her Twin Flame. Their one and only SoulMate. And to assure them that true Love is the greatest hope for the beloved Earth and all the life manifesting here.

You will all begin to see a wave of patterning as SoulMates or Twin Flames are drawn back together, for we have very specifically chosen to bridge all the gaps of human judgment as we do this. True Love can and will dissolve every human boundary, every last impediment to Love. Love and age have nothing to do with each other. And in the world of Love we are building, all depravity dissolves, so all societal taboos can be dissolved.

Of course some of these taboos had to be in place as humanity lived the anti-Christ in order to protect our precious children from the wretched minds of backward men and women.

Soon you will find more and more couples drawn together across all human boundaries – be they race, or color, or religion, or the politics of men. And we shall welcome them. We shall wrap them in the glorious truth. We shall say to them, “Well done!” as we help them remember what they do as they choose to love instead of hate. As they choose to live Love through the heart and not the little mind or the human ego.

You are the Love I Am, every moment. And you are here, all of you, to clear away those things that keep My precious children from experiencing this. Things such as, “We aren’t together physically.” This seems to be a “big one” when, in truth, it is the physical that isn’t real.

So everything you can do to leave this weight behind and fly together in each other’s arms in consciousness, you do for those who follow quickly on your heels. Love is ageless and timeless. And Love, true Love, SoulMate Love, the burning Twin Flame Love is not about bodies. It will be our work to reunite these glorious Twin Flames in truth, in heart and consciousness, and then to bring them close in their bodies. As you first attune yourselves together through your hearts, you will experience the ecstasy of who you really are.

Now to be explicit (a cosmic smile). For you shall see that I Am All — even including sexuality. And though the robbing of humankind of its joy and power has made it an uncomfortable subject, it certainly is not for Me. Everything is sexual, everything that is.

So, as you join with your SoulMate in consciousness in the sweet velvet night, when your bodies are in bed in separate (seemingly) places, you must know that everything you do is an exchange with your Twin Flame — regardless of what appears to be, as seen through the backward lens of your mind. So you can know that if you tune yourselves to each other, you will feel him or her there with you. And as you love together and sing across the starry universe, she (or he) can touch your body with her consciousness, and so can you touch her on every level as well.

This is real. It is not fantasy. Thus, dear ones, you can allow your body to join in the Love. You can allow the very cells, the atoms of which they’re made, to join, to return with you to the orgasmic Moment of Creation. Can you sense what I Am showing you? That when Twin Flames unite, everything around them is also Making Love.

Oh, soon enough you will all come to see this – how you are the cosmos, the consciousness of Love within which all this exists – all of the glorious beings of Nature, the precious land, the waters, the trees, the flowers, the birds. And these lovely bodies. Every single cell is a solar system given life by you. So when you Make Love, the world makes Love all around you. The day will come when flowers will grow and bloom in the time of your orgasm together in true Twin Flame union. So if your bodies explode forth in orgasmic ecstasy as you are Making Love with your Twin Flame in heart and consciousness, it is a gift to every cell to join you in the Moment of Creation.

Dear ones, those who are at a distance from their SoulMate for whatever reason, have the advantage of learning to love, or to Make Love from the “top down.” Meaning that they shall spend time joining in conscious LoveMaking through their hearts and thus in the Real, beyond this little pocket of reversal. They then allow the real LoveMaking to magnetize everything that is within their consciousness into a glorious participation in the orgasmic Now.

Then, when it is time to be together in this world as well, such couples will have LoveMaking right – the union of their heart and consciousness (or heart’s consciousness, to be more exact) bringing all parts of their beings into orgasmic union.

For those who are together physically, please use your physical unions to also practice together this “correct order” of Love Making by joining together in heart until you can feel the orgasmic Now, the ecstasy flowing through your open heart, and then allowing that ecstatic Love and glorious yet tender merging of Twins to carry your bodies with it into the orgasmic experience of the Now.

Your Twin is with you in his or her greater self completely. Wrapped within each other is how I have created you – exactly as Twin Flames would be. If you were to watch two flames burning together, would you be able to tell where one stopped and the other began? Of course you would not. Such is the truth of every child of God – you are a One that is Two. Only this veil of illusion separates this truth from you, but it is forever there.

So, dear ones, all of you – everything you experience you share together with your Twin Flame. It is impossible not to. Thus, as you touch a flower, as you watch the moon, as you feel that breeze upon your cheek, you share it with your own Twin Flame. And as you become conscious of each other, you both will begin to know it. You will experience that which your Twin Flame does.

So as you open your consciousness beyond the belief that things on Earth are solid, you will begin a shared experience of glorious communion. One in which I Am ever and fully present, as well, with the two of you. Oh, dear ones, practice this. Want it. Open yourselves. A key, of course, is that each of you must choose to send that which you experience and the other must, of course, choose to receive it.

So more and more, as true Love comes, it will break down the dream of separation because Love wants only the reunion with its Twin.

Can you see how perfectly we’ve made this plan? How nothing else but Twin Flame Love could heal the world in time, could shift the nightmare back to Love and save our beloved Lucifer who has been embodying this “reversal”? For as the wave of life is drawn back in, we could not leave him, as some believed (thinking those not open enough to return Home would continue on elsewhere). This reversal is held in place by him, and the warmth, the light, the truth of Love must penetrate his body now and bring him back awake.

Thus you came. And many more. To lead the way to reclaiming Love. To reunify the world and release the false beliefs. And every human being knows, deep within, the truth that they have one true Love. Even now they feel the call – or else why would any still bother after all the ways Love hurts when its purpose is reversed?

Every human being is a part of a true Love, a SoulMate, Twin Flame union, and it lives within their heart. We will prove them right. As the Twin Flames come together and we bring forth their stories, others will remember that hope is not lost. Then they will be ready to choose Love and to choose the heart. We shall show them how.

Thus do I ask each of you to fully experience every beauty, to look at your experience each and every moment with this new awareness. You are like a video camera sending to your Twin. What do you want to give to them, the one you love more than your little self? Certainly you want to send them only beauty. You want to notice every good, to feel each precious moment. To see each day as a new opportunity to share each other’s life. This then shall become the measure by which you choose your focus.

Good practice in keeping right attitude, yes, but also it is the living truth. Yet you also can know this. Everything that you choose of Love, of union and of openness, and everything in which you turn to Me takes you directly into contact with your Twin Flame heart. For you together are made of Love, and the truth of SoulMates is that a SoulMate union only happens through the heart. So everything of ego that you choose (or you allow, which is the same as choosing. You just pretend you’re not aware.) actually obscures your Love and keeps the veil between you so you then only see a human being there before you. Ego to ego you are fallible, confused and finding obstacles – not only in your relationship but in your life, as well, since life is really your consciousness reflecting how you do your work of living Love.

Thus shall you know that choosing Love in every moment and seeing the world only through your heart, you are in real contact with your SoulMate, your Twin Flame. And thus do I ask you to treat yourself to moments filled with joy regardless of what you think you’re doing (in the world). For in treating yourself you are treating your beloved and pouring through your Twin Flame heart more Love to unfreeze this world of Love and anti-Love.

Bathe in each moment’s beauty. Love yourself, for in doing so you love your Twin. Not, as I have said, as the world might see those words as meaning to include all the ego quirks and selfishness. But rather as I love. With purity and tenderness and Love that is not conditional. Because in doing so, you love your SoulMate just as well. And, love your SoulMate unconditionally and you love yourself. For truly they reflect you in every way (including any impediments still lingering with you).

I still use these two terms, SoulMates and Twin Flames, as the same because all the explanations of the differences between them are simply the inventions of the little mind in seeing degrees of separation. There is only one. One SoulMate or Twin Flame. And you are either home in Love and with your Twin or you are not. And the shift between these states is, essentially, one choice. Yet it is all the mind’s agreements that keep you spending time to recover that truth. .

Can you see the angels sending out the call to all Twin Flames to reunite? Can you hear it?

Love! Love as if this moment were the only one you had to express it. To express how much you care and to live as who you really are. For in truth, it really is all you have. Yet with every new moment, the amount of Love that I can pour through you can change.

Take everything of beauty and see it with the eyes of a SoulMate, a Twin Flame, one whom I created to be the perfect lover, the true and perfect heart of devotion and of giving of the Love you are. With every night you have the opportunity to dance through the orgasmic wonder of Creation together. And every day is a package of golden moments, each one waiting for you to notice and send as a gift to your Twin Flame.

I Am with you. Prepare to be filled with wonder.


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