Self acceptance

Spirituality is a path of integration and wholeness. When we embrace who we are and accept who the Divine has created us to be, the light in each of one us shines forth.

The first step for most is the hardest: self acceptance.

Through a 24/7 connection to technology and media, we live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by messages of who we should be, what we should look like, what we should have and how we should be living. The incessant need to fit in coupled with a tireless search for approval leads many to an empty and superficial experience.

Exhausted and bewildered, having grown tired of keeping up with the Jones’s, something begins to awaken deep within, a remembrance of something greater.

On the path of Ascension, we are not asked to fit in but to simply fit into ourselves. The more an individual comes into harmony with themselves the more the need to fit in diminishes. You become the source of all that you need. Empowered, you are able to unplug from the collective rat race and step into the expansive authentic experience of yourself.

I never tire of seeing the expressions of shock on people’s faces when I first tell them that there is nothing wrong with them. You would think I had just insulted them. Hearing that each person is a perfect creation is for many a story as fantastical as ancient tales of dragons and wizards. What do you mean there is nothing wrong with me? What do you mean I don’t have to be anything other than myself to be loved by God?

Why is it that we have such a hard time being the only thing that we can be; Ourselves?

The Divine exists as an infinite ocean of love and light. Each of us is a masterpiece waiting to realize ourselves. Embrace who you are and know that you are enough. In each moment accept what is. Know that life could be no other way. Surrender to life as it happens and experience the fullness of each moment.

Stop, slow down and breathe.

Life is just happening. And it could be unfolding in no other way.

Preluare de aici.


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