Serenity now

“Accept everything about yourself – every single thing, You are you and that is the beginning and the end – no apologies, no regrets.

“Truth is found by opening the gates to the inner landscape and choosing to evolve, choosing to understand, choosing to come to know the cause that has created the effect known as your current life experience.

The study of cause and effect in one’s ancestry shall allow a cleansing and review of all lifetimes that one is related to. As one recalls the most difficult lifetimes, the lifetimes in which one’s ancestry was imprisoned, abused, killed upon the battlefield, betrayed, destroyed, annihilated, became an invalid, was born deformed, shamed, tortured, shattered, dishonored, and unloved – one shall begin to understand the pain behind such experiences.

As one understands the pain, one shall cease to inflict pain upon anyone else for any reason. These are the gifts of your ascension, an understanding of the human dance and the oneness inherent in your species.

Life experiences are not separate from yourself, you have experienced it all, and simply forgotten (via your reincarnational lifetimes you were your ancestors).

Now is the time to remember, to relive, to understand and to ascend out of this mess. There is no other way beloved.

Unity can only be restored as each human comes to understand the human dance, which translates into how one has caused his or her own current experience of separation.

As each cause of separation is relived, re-experienced and understood, such experiences shall teach one consciously the nature of good and evil, the nature of creation and destruction, the nature of cause and effect.

As such lessons are consciously understood, they then can be forgiven. In forgiveness, one releases and erases the pain from such experiences so that a state of joy can follow.

This is what the human form was designed for, conscious understanding, conscious evolution, conscious forgiveness, conscious ascension!

As all pain from all ancestral experiences is erased in full from the biological memory banks the form, full consciousness and a state of unity are entered into simultaneously. There is no other way beloved.

One must understand their creation, and any current human experience is the effect of all other human cause in your inheritance. As all lifetimes are understood and forgiven, one moves out of disunity, finds their way home, and returns to the “Garden of Eden” and unconditional love that each human heart longs for.

No one can process and evolve for another. No one needs to come to understand your own ancestral experiences other than yourself. You are a living hologram beloved  and as you come to understand your truth of experience in human form, all other humans choosing to evolve shall come to know your understanding through holographic transference.

As each ascends, they transfer their understanding to all others whom likewise choose to ascend and the understanding becomes exponential!

As all humans and all species upon Earth exponentially understand their creation in full and ascend beyond the separation, Earth shall enter the state of unity in full!

And then and only then, shall all species dance in unconditional love, joy, peace harmony and abundance, and peace shall be fully restored upon Earth.”

Preluare de aici .

“A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them.” – Carl Jung


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