Lighten up

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“You have heard it said that everything is composed of energy, that shape and form is only determined by that energy’s frequency and vibration.

You have heard it said that the earth is changing its vibration and frequency; that it is preparing to rise into a new dimension.

And I tell you now that this is going to happen – is in the process of happening – now. Not tomorrow, not next week or next month, but now.

As earth’s vibrations increase it will ascend to a new dimension, and I speak to all of you when I say that if you want to go with it, your vibrations are going to have to increase as well. If they do not increase, you will find yourself trapped on an earth composed of all the heavy vibrations and negative energies that are being cast off.

In order to do this – in order to increase your vibrations YOU HAVE TO LIGHTEN UP!

Your vibrations can not increase as long as you are tied to those things that pull your vibrations down.

I could tell you what is really tying many of you down, but for reasons of pride and arrogance, words like “fear” and “anger” never seem to be taken to heart by those to whom they most apply.

Those with the most fear and anger in their hearts tend to see themselves as justified in their attitudes and actions. They see themselves as champions in a cause, defenders of freedoms, when in truth it is their own pride and arrogance that is being defended.

But fear and anger have many layers – some heavier than others, and their physical manifestation in your reality takes on many forms; some obvious, others not so much, and some subtle enough to be almost completely overlooked or dismissed as irrelevant. But all of them can serve as ties to bind you to the lower vibrational frequencies and, if not dealt with, can serve to keep you from moving up as earth’s vibrations increase.

I can hear the general outcry from many self-proclaimed lightworkers – the cry that “it’s all good!” that eveything is working out exactly as it is supposed to, and that anyone who claims that there is actual work to be done, actual changes to be made on your self and your attitudes, is working against the natural flow of the universe.

I’m telling you now, my lovely lightworkers, that you have only been told part of the truth. As hard as that may be to swallow, you only have part of the truth.

There IS a cosmic plan, and it IS working out exactly as it is supposed to, and those who are awake and aware enough to be in tune with their own higher selves, those who listen to what their higher selves have to say and who act accordingly IN EVERY DETAIL OF THEIR LIVES are indeed going with the natural flow of the universe. But these individuals are far fewer in number than you would think.

This, however, can be fixed. You CAN be in alignment with the universe’s plan for your life, but for many, in order to be in alignment, you have to admit that there IS work to be done, that there ARE changes to be made – not to the world around you because – and I’m only going to say this once – BECAUSE YOU CAN’T FIX THE WORLD AROUND YOU.

The ONLY one you have power to change is yourself. The ONLY person whose vibrations you can raise are your own. The ONLY one you can truly heal is yourself.

And now I hear the healers howling – for that is what you DO, isn’t it? But know this now healers; until individuals learn to take charge of their own energy, to heal themselves, all the chakra clearings or aura clearings, any energy boosting or life-force re-direction will amount to nothing more than band-aids; temporary fixes, and dangerous ones at that, for those you help come to rely on YOU for their energy needs, just as you come to rely on the ego boost you geet from being needed by them.

So what, exactly are the physical indications and manifestations that signal that you are still tied to the lower vibrations? It’s fairly simple. In fact, some of them are SO simple that you may be tempted to brush them off as so much nonsense. I would thing twice about dismissing them out of hand if I were you, however, for some could be the difference between the vibrational level you are on and the one on which you need to be to make the jump.

No, the universe is NOT a neat freak. It thrives on change and chaos, but clutter – in your personal surroundings, in your life, in your mind, is indicative of things to which you have become attached and to which you do not want to let go. The solution? Clear out the clutter!

Ancient practitioners of Feng Shui taught that clutter could slow down the flow of Chi or life energy, and they were right – more right than they could possibly have realized. Ancient Yogic and Buddhist masters claimed that the clutter and chatter of the mind could be “cleared out” through focused exercise and meditation, and they also were right. Clear it out – all of it – it will make a world of difference.

This is one of the most subtle and insideous of all indications of low vibrational attachment, because just as with Karma, with every financial debt you incur comes a corresponding obligation, you have given someone else a bit of control over your life, and because of your obligation to repay you find yourself pressured into jobs, situations, even relationships that are not conducive to the increase of your vibrational level. The solution to financial debt? Get rid of it! Do everything within your power to decrease your financial obligations to others – and then take one further step and detach yourself from the emotional attachment to those financial obligations you have left, those that can not be cleared easily, detach yourself from the objects which that remaining financial debt has purchased, so that if they are taken away you will not find yourself in despair.

Like it or not, the core cause of weight gain and obesity is genetic problems or chemical additives, but fear. Yes, fear.

As Earth’s vibrations continue to increase, more and more people are picking up on the changes – changes they don’t understand, and people fear what they do not understand. It is scaring them to death and, whether they realize it or not, they eat in order to insulate themselves from the changes around them, they don’t exercise because they don’t want to hear the message that their bodies are telling them.

The solution? STOP HIDING! Stop eating to shut your body up, to insulate yourself from what it is really telling you.

LISTEN to your body – even if you don’t like the message. LISTEN to what it wants to eat – to your cravings and urges (not addictive cravings – I will address that in the next item) – I’m talking about listening to your body and paying attention to what it is asking for.

The first changes – the first transition over to the higher dimensions will occur in your current physical body, and it is attempting to tell you what it needs in order to shed its ties with the lower vibrations. Don’t be surprised if you find that water is the key. More times than you care to think, thirst is misinterpreted for hunger, and water is extremely important in detoxifying your body of its ties with the lower vibrational levels.

Addiction to ANYTHING; food, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, sex, thrill seeking – anything – is a clear sign that you are using the chemical imbalances produced by use of the substance, or the chemical “high” produced by the act to avoid hearing what the universe is trying to tell you. Once an addiction has been created, it is then very easy to pass the blame for the condition on to someone else; family, society etc. and ignore where it is that one is actually supposed to be headed.

The solution? Acknowledge the addiction. Take control of the addiction AND SEEK HELP. Some addictions can be overcome on one’s own – in fact, all can. But if you find your will too weak to deal with a particular addiction, seek professional help, but remember WHY you are breaking the habit and do not get waylaid by the chatter many professionals work into their treatments.

5. Attitudes.
Attitudes such as posessiveness, defensiveness, agressiveness, arrogance, selfishness – all of these are indicaticate a tie to the lower vibrations; things – objects, persons, situations to which you are drawn.

The solution? Be aware of your attitudes. When you see yourself becoming posessive or defensive or aggressive, speaking arrogantly or acting selfishly STOP. Stop and ask yourself what it is that has triggered this reaction – then choose to NOT act in the manner to which you are accustomed.

And, last but not least:

Karmic Debt may be one of the most difficult to deal with – but in spite of everything you have heard or read, it is NOT impossible to clear your Karmic Debt in this lifetime. The most important thing to remember is that Karma is nothing more than energy – negative or positve – that you attract to you through your actions. If you will, it is the ultimate proof of the validity of the law of attraction.

Two keys to clearing Karmic Debt are:

1. DO NOT INCUR ANY MORE. Which means to not react to persons in such a way that you incur negative energy for your actions. This takes extreme awareness of everything you do and say – which means that your energy must be able to flow freely (no mental or emotional clutter to slow it down).

2. FORGIVE YOURSELF.  So much of the Karma that we carry with us from lifetime to lifetime is residual – guilt and grief over what we did to harm another, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Forgiveness is the key – it banishes karmic debt as nothing else can.

In closing, I can see by your faces that I’ve disturbed many of you. But I do not apologize. It is time these things were said, for we are running short of time.

And so it is that I leave you for now, for there is much work to be done, and you need to begin. Go in peace, and remember that as uncomfortable as some of this may have made you – I share it with you out of love and a desire to see that each and every one of you makes it through this transition, as uncomfortable as the process might be.”


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