light body

The 12 Step Program

The various progressions and levels of awakening that we as light/love workers experience in our initiations, are the 12 levels of lightbody awakening, similar to the 12 step program of alcoholics anonymous.

You can think of the light body process as giving up the addiction to physicality and adopting a whole new way of perceiving reality – the world of light/love/prosperity/unity/Christ consciousness.

By this model, the new civilization that is manifesting is officially here when we each have activated our light bodies to level 7-10+ – at this point we are officially on the road to recovery, you/we have graduated from survival school and officially entered the new world of light body.

In the process of awakening to ‘who we truly are’ and the realization of our love and magnificence, which is ultimately ascension and the manifestation of light body, you could refer to the 12 levels of light body as initiations.

Physical ascension takes in initiations 1 to 6. Cosmic ascension takes in initiations 7 to 12 and completes the state of Christ consciousness.

Within these initiations, humanity and earth move into the 4th and 5th dimensions. These levels or initiations are what we went through during Egyptian and Atlantean times.

The ascension chamber in the great pyramid, (also known as the “kings” chamber), was a physical dimensional transporter to the final stages of ascension, the “final” initiations to Light-Body-Christ-consciousness, whereby your consciousness and physical body would leave this dimension and “travel” to the fifth dimension and higher.

Things are different now, you do not need to go through 24 years of temple initiations (many of us have already gone through these initiations).

Living life on planet earth in these accelerated times and increased levels of light – is the initiation. Really, anyone who comes here and gets into a body “deserves” a light body and “deserves” to ascend.

Also these initiations of yesteryear were designed for the times, especially to transition through the thick veils of the dimensions.

The veils are now extremely thin, and all dimensions are converging into a unified whole, so initiations are easier and more direct now. The time for direct translation is at hand. It is merely a simple choice of dedicating your existence to All That Is – that is all there is to it, you’re home free.

Please bear in mind that ultimately this process of awakening and transmutation is not a linear process at all, you may experience many levels of awakening at once and simultaneously, so the model of 12 levels is merely for your perception, to give you an awareness of progression.

Your light body manifestation process will be unique to you and your personal evolution.

This progressive model is a description of what is happening on a planetary species level, it is applicable to everyone on planet earth regardless if they consciously want to wake up or not.

The entire species of human is evolving and mutating into a completely different species, the new improved Light human – Hu-Man, (Hu: God, light. Man: thought being).

This is a physical as well as a consciousness transition. The Homo Sapiens species is evolving to its next level. To reside in these new bodies of light, the consciousness of the beings within them must be evolved, this is the ascension of consciousness.

This planet is ascending, it is activating its light body, it is becoming a star. The new civilization that will reside upon this star is manifesting on planet earth, it is a civilization of light, a civilization of pure unconditional love – Christ Consciousness.

Anyone who does not want to shift with the planet and accept love and divinity, who still wants to play with the illusions of power and control, will have to play elsewhere on some other planet further out at the edge of another universe.

Now, individually, many of us, especially the light workers (planetary transition team experts), have already said yes, and our light body activation has already begun. Many of us may be very high on the scale of the twelve step program, we are truly on the road to recovery.

Many beings on the planet may not be at or even near such levels, this is obvious based on how people are still acting on planet earth. Many beings will say yes and will awaken quickly as the evolution progresses.

Many will still continue to say no to their divinity until the very last minute, trying to learn the most they possibly can from the illusions of separation, unworthiness…before they have to move on. But they will have to move on, there is no choice in the matter.

The force of evolution is upon us, you either go along with it or bye bye Charlie. There may be many rescue missions, but rest assured that everything is proceeding according to plan.

So for many transition team members, depending on who they are and what they have been doing, and what their specific mission is, in regards to the Divine plan of the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth, their light body activation may happen very differently and happen way before the species activation so that they can be a guide to others.

Va continua

Preluare de aici.


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