light body (the 12 step program)

1st level light body

At this level you get a wake up call, from your body’s DNA and coincidentally from outside sources as a manifestation of this inner signal. The alarm goes off, time to wake up from your slumber and begin wiping the sleep out of your eyes.

Also at this level your body signals that it is time to start dropping density, it starts the mutational changes of the DNA of your physical body. Flu like symptoms are common at this stage as your body starts to mutate, and your glandular system starts to be activated.

Your long atrophied and shrunken pineal and pituitary glands start to grow and come alive. This coincides with chakra activations and awareness of these feeling centers. In March of 1988 all light workers were activated to first level lightbody.

2nd level light body

Your etheric blueprint begins to dismantle from the increased levels of light. This is the time when we release fourth dimensional structures of limitation, especially old karmic patterns, which begins to change the spins in the geometries of your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

This is the first stages of pulling out of the karmic cycle. You will seriously start asking the question: “who am I, and why am I here”. Physical change happens very rapidly here and you may experience lots of fatigue as your body mutates and needs rest to catch up.

3rd level light body

On April 16, 1989 the entire crystalline structure of matter was activated to third level lightbody. At this level physical senses become acute, you become very sensitive to extremes.

You may grow intolerant to loud noises, strong chemical smells etc. You may become acutely aware of anything that is not natural and organic, and you probably will become very adamant about getting natural things and having natural things around you.

If you’re not a vegetarian yet, you may become one, and may be repulsed by anything dead. Clothes may be distracting, you may feel like running around naked all that time. You may think of leaving the city if you are living in one and moving to smaller towns or into the country. Your values will change dramatically.

Sensual pleasures may be activated due to this new found sensitivity. You will want to make love a lot and to improve your sexual relations. This is why pregnancies have increased since 1989 when the planet and her population were activated to third level. This level activates the bio-transducer system of the body, its atrophied forgotten ability to work with and channel higher light energies.

At the 3rd level, the lightbody mutation process cannot be stopped. When we reached this level the planet was synched up with 383+ other planets that are ascending out of this 3rd dimensional physical plane as well.

You can see from this that it is not only this planet that is ascending but this entire universe. And the ascension that is taking place is on a very physical scale. This entire “dimension”, the physical realm, including the 4th dimension and all dimensions are ascending.

The 4th dimension (astral plane), is converging with all other dimensions and realities into the one reality. In “What is Light Body”, Archangel Ariel talks about all the dimensions and parallel realities converging, and many other sources do as well. This is an inevitable happening in any ascension process.

Planet Earth, Mother Gaia, has already ascended to at least the higher overtones of the 4th dimension, and is constantly ascending. Its 5th dimensional light body is being activated.

It appears otherwise because of our continued resistance to divinity, our addiction to separation consciousness and 3rd dimensional ways of perceiving reality.

This ascension was greatly assisted by the accelerated Ascension work that has been done by all the love/light workers towards Unity/Christ Consciousness, including assisting 4th dimensional beings (Gray ETs, dark lords, disembodied spirits…) awaken to their love.

So in a sense, the 3rd and 4th dimensions have converged, along with the astral plane. Many beings stuck in the astral plane, have transitioned naturally to the light/love of their beings, while others are taken off to the light or reabsorbed into the All-That-Is. Many new “lost” beings are still coming to be unified with us all, and to learn about love from us human “love masters”.

Now, when we go “astral traveling”, what we are really doing is traveling in consciousness. It is more direct now that the veils between dimensions are so thin, and our consciousness/soul has become so accelerated to allow us access to these accelerated spaces.

Disembodied spirits, lost aspects of ourselves, dark entities/ETs… are now “hanging out” here in a different perceptual reality than the astral plane, they are between this physical world and the “dream scape”.

If you believe that you are being affected by any of these beings, break any and all agreements you have made with them, across space time and dimension, and assist them to the light. Also, ask for assistance from the angels and ascended masters.

Make sure that any interference you are receiving is not just someone traveling in consciousness to you, someone in a body, possibly asleep, that currently is somewhere on planet earth and probably has some conflict with you because of past life karma and what you evoke for them in their awakening process (the “kill the messenger syndrome”). (It is time for all of our past life experiences to be healed and karmically released).

Go to where they are projecting from, talk to them and find out what the conflict is, break any and all agreements with them, forgive yourself and them for your past experience and ask for karmic absolution between you (from the karmic board). Then you can start playing together, rather than being in opposition.

4th level light body

This level is a mental stage, beginning a massive change in your brain chemistry. You may start having headaches, chest pains, eye problems and hearing problems, as your glands further mutate and your chakras activate. Chest pains are something you may experience throughout the lightbody process because your heart begins to open at deeper and deeper levels.

The vision and hearing apparatus begin to alter and the brain starts firing across hemispheres. At this point non-linear thinking starts which can be terrifying for the mental body as it realizes it is not running the show.

This is when you really start questioning reality and a second wake up call begins. This is when beings start to consider spirit. Personal identity changes to include the possibility of being a spirit having a human experience rather than a human having a spiritual experience.

Telepathy and clairvoyance begin and the emotional body starts opening up. At this point the mental body may be freaking out and trying desperately to maintain control. All this new found feeling and empathy and connection can be unsettling and exhilarating at the same time for people.

This is when you start connecting with other like minded people, considering past lives and other spiritual alternatives. You may question your direction in life, career choices, relationships, and may even begin dismantling these old ways of operating in favor of more wholistic spiritual ways.

You may be drawn to read everything spiritual that you can get your hands on and want to take courses on spirituality. You might meet someone who tells you about some new spiritual thing, or you get turned onto some books, or a channeled entity, or a guru, or you feel the overwhelming urge to discover your self. The wake up call is in full swing now, you are getting the big signal – “time to go home”.

5th level light body

This is the level where the mental body starts to surrender to Spirit. Non linear thought processes become very frequent and this can be unsettling. This is the transition zone between basic linear thought and fully dedicating living to Spirit. This is where you consider that you are more than you thought you were.

That your thoughts and feelings are possibly not yours, and that they are not you. You question everything especially the patterns you do, that these ways of being are not how you would like to be.

This is when you start shifting karmic, genetic and social conscious programs out of your fields and you search for processes to accomplish this. At this point you will be giving up all past religions, beliefs and completely adopting new ways of perceiving reality.

You probably at this point become officially a “new ager,” you may vacillate between old and new unknown ways of being as your mental body vacillates between surrendering to spirit and clamping down for fear of loss of control. You may feel between two worlds, without an identity and without friends who feel similarly. You may start to seek these people out.

6th level light body
This is a level where you start becoming an active participant in your awakening process. You will start utilizing processes and technologies to remove limitation structures from your fields, or at least becoming at peace with the fact that these limitations are not you and are just part of the human condition. Your spirit will now put you into contact with people actively working with the lightbody process.

Spirit will start directing books and workshops your way to accelerate your awakening process. You will be given broader more enlightened perspectives on reality to expand your consciousness. This is where you really question reality and realize that nothing is real and that all of this is a creation for our experience and entertainment.

You now realize that nothing is linear, time does not exist. You start to perceive multidimensionally and knowing that you are here and elsewhere simultaneously. You start to meet people who live multidimensionally and function in bodies with this expanded reality, they will be your guides.

This point is a crucial point because you cannot return to what or who you were or thought you were, you either have to step further and further into your magnificence or you will die. This is where you realize that you are part of the force of evolution; a planetary transition team member; that you are here to co-create heaven on earth. You may now realize the vastness of the task at hand, you may feel like the job is entirely to big, way to big for little you. This is where the job can get difficult because this is where you start really stepping into your power. You start actively transmuting pictures of reality in your fields for yourself and ultimately humanity. You now realize this is not a personal job but a planetary one.

Many beings choose to opt out at this point because it is not their job to continue, they cannot handle the increased levels of light that are now available. If they stay, this is when things start rockin and rollin. This is when you move away from everything you have previously known; you may have to leave many friends behind because they are not moving at the quantum speed you are. Or they may even reject you and condemn you for becoming so weird.

This is when people change their jobs, relationships, marriages etc. – you may feel very alone. Many new people come into your life that are in alignment with where you are. If you are isolated and there are no people around you who are thusly aligned, you will be passionately drawn to seek them out and talk about true reality. At this time you experience a vaster descension of Spirit and realize you are Spirit.

You will now start communication with increased levels of telepathy, and begin active communication with your Spirit, your councils, guides, angels etc. About 1/3 of the light-body structure is now lit up in the etheric blueprint. You may feel like light, and feel like you are emanating light; your eyes will become brighter and people will notice this brighter level of light coming out.

After some time, life will become beautifully exciting; you see the awesomeness of your beingness; the divinity in all beings; the vastness and wonders of the universe; and experience ecstasy and excitement of the awesomeness of the transformation now taking place that you are an active important part of. And you begin to actively participate with other masters with this wonderful Ascension process; you start to have fun co-creating heaven on earth.

Va continua

Preluare de aici.


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