light body (the 12 step program)

7th level light body

This is the level of feeling and emotion where your heart chakra is opening and you are feeling deeper and more passionately then ever before. Because of these increased levels of light, all the places within your beingness that are not loved will arise to the surface to be dealt with, for you to be at peace with, to be honored and ultimately loved. This can be difficult, as this is an intense time of emotion. You will be able to feel so deeply because you have a growing detachment to identifying yourself as your feelings.

You start really connecting with and feeling the planet. Spontaneity becomes your normal way of operating, doing “crazy” childlike things, doing things because it occurs to you to do so. Depending on how much resistance your mental body has to letting go and releasing control to the senses, will be the degree to which this level will be enjoyable and easy.

This will be a time to balance the mental body with the emotional body. Your mental body must get past its fears and survival issues to a blissful state of “what the fuck”. Your emotions will be erratic like a child’s; when you’re sad you will cry, when you’re angry you will yell, when you’re happy you will laugh.You will be emotionally spontaneous, not caring who sees you be emotive.

You will express what ever emotion is flowing through your emotional body in that moment. You start living in the now, balanced between your emotional bodies bias to living in the past and your mental bodies bias towards living in the future.

As the emotional body drops its old patterning, you will start redefining relationship and you will complete many that no longer serve you. At this level your relationships become transpersonal, in other words, they are no longer based on dependent emotional karmic attachments, they become based on whether your spirit is guiding you to be with that person for your personal enfoldment and planetary awakening.

You may seem cold to others because you are less emotionally attached and you now value your personal space. The Heart Chakra now opens even further, and you will feel like the center of your body. Meditation becomes easy because you are now focused on your heart rather then your “head”. You can now travel multidimensionally through your heart.

The chakras begin mutating and becoming spherical, then further they become one unified field similar to the large sphere surrounding your body in the MerKaBah meditation.

This chakra merger assists the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to merge into a unified field. This unified field keeps you in balance, you no longer fall into survival issues because your chakras are spinning out of synch. You can now handle relatively any amount of energy that descends into you without burning out.

The pineal and pituitary glands open up in the 7th level, and you will start to feel them as pressure. When the pituitary gland is functioning at its highest level you no longer age, so people start looking younger. Your pineal gland is your 4th eye, it sees up and multidimensionally.

As this opens you may start to see yourself in other bodies on this planet, other planets, on ships, other parallel realities etc., and experiencing yourself as multidimensional. This is when you see and feel the deep connections with people and spirit.

Here’s when you start getting your priorities really straight of what is truly important. Your sense of purpose is heightened. You start wishing to truly live, have fun and assist humanity know who they really are.

8th level light body

Your pituitary and pineal glands start mutating big time, they start growing and you may get big mutational headaches. Your 8th, 9th and 10th chakras open up, connecting you to the ‘languages of light’. You will now be able to decode higher dimensional language – tones, geometries, colors, direct communication with your personal creator, the ascended masters, angels etc.

You now become fully aware of your vastness and mastery and perfection. Obligations to anything but the divine plan are dropped. You communicate with people on a spiritual level, transpersonally; you no longer connect with anyone on a psychic co-dependent level.

You start operating as a force of change on a very grounded level. You are no longer searching – but just know. You start really being the cosmic master you are, there is no doubt as to the awesomeness of your beingness.

9th level light body

This is when you body starts changing; you may get taller or thinner; you are directly translating light; you now fully know yourself to exist on other dimensional levels. You care less and less what anyone thinks of you personally. You now live the cosmic self that you are.

This level may be the hardest as you are required to finally and completely surrender to spirit and the divine plans mission for you. You realize that everything in your life is directed by All That Is. Free will is put into its proper perspective – deny spirit or follow spirit. Operate from old world programs of survival and limitation or live divinity.

You now know yourself to be pure consciousness, experiencing life in a human body. You now radiate a force of light that will greatly affect every person you meet.

Previous to this level you felt your desire to ascend and wished for it greatly – I want to go home! Now you realize your choice is to stay to assist in this transformation, in fact you are courageous in your resolve – you will accomplish your mission no matter what.

You no longer operate from ego (the knowing of the world), but from pure consciousness. You work from the Christ level, with compassion and forgiveness, accepting your gifts from All That Is.

You will experience vacillating between being an awesome master full of Divine love, will, truth, compassion, and forgiveness – to bouts of being a poor stupid human with faults and weaknesses. You realize the truth of being pure consciousness in a human body – that even though you are awesome – you are operating within the confines of a human body and human existence.

You become officially hooked up to who you truly are, as a unified vessel of light; you move into states of being that you have never been in before experiencing the being state of your own truth, experiencing the being state of your unconditional love, and experiencing the being state of your light and power.

10th level light body

The last 3 levels of light body are the ‘spiritual levels,’ this is where your chakras and fields are completely unified and you are fully hooked into the Christ Oversoul at every level. This is the level where you literally can do anything, where you have Avatar abilities.

You can transport yourself via teleportation, manifest anything etc. This is easy because you fully recognize your oneness with All That Is.

At this point your MerKaBah is fully activated and at least three strands of DNA become fully activated. At the time of ascension all three groups of beings assisting in this transformation link up their light bodies. The Space Brotherhoods (Ashtar Command/Christed ETs), link up to form the planetary light body.

The Ascended Masters will act as directors and navigators, while the Angelics provide the fuel for the transformation. Personally at this level you will work specifically with your soul groups depending on “who you are” personal and soul mission, and synergy as a Christed-ET, Angelic, Angelic-ET, or Ascended Master/Avatar.

11th level light body

You have built the structure of your MerKaBah, your light body is fully activated and you now decide whether to stay in light body and ascend with the planet, ascend ahead of the planet or go to pure energy form.

Decide to leave, that your job is done, or stay and further assist others and their ascension. Many beings like myself have already had ascension experiences of this level of light body and decided to stay to assist with humanities ascension. This is when we become real divine “powerful” forces of transmutation.

Your light body is made up of many lines of light, intersecting in beautiful geometries. You also have spherical female geometries imbedded amongst the linear geometries. This is the teaching of light body/MerKaBah. You are also hooked up to upper dimensional MerKaBah vehicles, greater and greater geometries. This is the teaching in the Flower of Life of the Platonic solids, the geometrical structures of our beingness and all life.

The first one we must awaken is the double star tetrahedron, then the next higher geometry, the octahedron – or the double pyramid, (and other geometries following). The double star tetrahedron encompasses your body, connects you to the earth and cosmic, and when activated, its energy field is a minimum of 55 feet in diameter, the shape of a flying saucer.

The octahedral structure is millions of miles out, a huge geometrical structure of your MerKaBah and overall light body.

Your physical body has at this point been restructured at the molecular level, you essentially have no body even though it may appear that you do. Time speeds up and becomes truly relative; when everyone is at this level there will be no time, simultaneity will be the norm.

This is the level when you are so centered within your own beingness, knowing who you are, with such a great sense of self that you are beyond time, it does not exist for you because who you truly are is eternal.

Now is when you really start remembering and using your special skills; you now only do what makes your heart sing. You are actively manifesting your vision of Heaven on Earth and being Who You Truly Are.

12th level light body

This is the grass roots level of change, you actively start creating change on a planetary level. Hooking up with other Soul Family. Creating Group MerKaBahs. Light Centers. Light Communities. Light Cities. Creating real communal governments. Redistributing wealth, food and resources.

You now act without hesitation of what to do about further manifesting heaven on earth. At the 12th level of light body, all parallel realities and dimensions converge, everyone is in lightbody, and acts as who they are with total sovereignty and total mastery. Heaven on Earth is in full swing, light body earth is here. At the twelfth level we are all avatars and we have completed the twelve step program.

Preluare de aici.


One thought on “light body (the 12 step program)

  1. rndmodelshop says:

    the 5 Platonic Solids are the foundation for sacred geometry as well as mathematical geometry. Everything past 2 dimensional starts there 🙂

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